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STEM x Marine Vehicles Design and Construction Competition

Two groups of our students participated in the STEM x Marine Vehicles Design and Construction Competition this year. The whole event lasted for 6 months, including training, vehicle construction, and the competition itself. Several workshops were conducted at The University of Hong Kong, where students learned how to draft 3D design plans in the STEM room. The students used 3D printers and laser cutters to produce the marine vehicle. They programmed the vehicle using Arduino.

The race day was on April 29th. One team obtained 30 points in the underwater special task and ranked 3rd among the 10 secondary school teams.

The presentation day was on May 6th. Our students presented our design to the judges and another team obtained the Best Design Award and the Merit Prize.

3rd Place
2A TSANG Lok Tin
2C TSE Wan Shun Vincent

Best Design Award and the Merit Prize
1D YU Ngo Pok Kobe
2A LEUNG Ka Yeung
2D TSANG Long Hei
We would like to thank the event organizers and the tutors who offered training to our students, as well as the parents for their support in transporting the vehicle and banners to the competition venue. We look forward to participating in the event again next year.

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