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Mission, Vision & Motto

Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of the School are to provide students with the normal grammar school curriculum as well as a better chance to develop their potential in sports or arts. The School puts equal emphasis on academic achievement and the development of students’ talent in sports and visual arts. By the time students leave the School, they will have acquired proficient language skills, have an analytical mind, the ability to think for themselves and a sound knowledge in academic subjects as well as in sports or visual arts.

School Motto

- We should take good care of our bodies. We can do something great provided that we have healthy bodies.
- We should have sportsmanship. We should do our best in open competitions on a fair basis and be ready to accept the result.
- We should be humane.
- We should be kind to others, showing sympathy, kindness and understanding.
- We should be artistic. 
- We should be creative.
- We should learn to appreciate the good things in our lives.
- We should have the analytical power to analyse problems.
- We should be independent in thinking.
- We should cultivate the quality of having good judgement.


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