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IJRU 2023 World Jump Rope Championships

Congratulations to the members of the Rope-skipping Club!

The following members got various prizes in the IJRU 2023 WORLD JUMP ROPE CHAMPIONSHIPS held in the U.S.A. during summer holidays.

Chang Nok Ching

World Jump Rope Championships Female Team (16 above) - Single Rope Team Female Overall Champion


Yuen Hiu Tung

Double Dutch Speed Relay 4x30 Female 16 Above – 1st Runner-up


Wong Tsz Wai

International Open Tournament 16-18 Mixed Team

 Single Rope Speed Relay - Champion

 Single Rope Double Unders Relay - 1st Runner-up

 Double Dutch Speed Sprint - 1st Runner-up

 Double Dutch Single Freestyle - 2nd Runner-up

 Single Rope Overall - 2nd Runner-up

 Double Dutch Overall - 2nd Runner-up

 All-round overall - 2nd Runner-up


Seto Ming Hei & Shum Po Hang, Parco (our coaches & alumni)

World Jump Rope Championships Male Team

 Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle - Champion

 Double Dutch Speed Relay - 2nd Runner-up

 Double Dutch Single Freestyle - 2nd Runner-up

 Double Dutch Overall - 1st Runner-up

 All-round overall - 1st Runner-up

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