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IET Faraday Challenge 2023

IET Faraday Challenge 2023
On 25 November 2023, our students participated in the IET Faraday Challenge 2023. It was an annual competition of STEM activity with a real-world challenge organized by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. In this activity, students were given the opportunity to research, design and make solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems. After building the prototype of the design, they needed to present to the professional judges and demonstrate how the model could be applied to the real world.
Our team finally got the 2nd Prize in the IET Faraday Challenge 2023.
1A 3 CHEANG Chung Wai
1A 24 MAN Tsz Ching
2E 6 DAI Hecong Max
2E 10 LAM Chun Hei
2E 11 LAM Pui Pui Angel

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