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Talent Quest 22/23

The contest was divided into two categories: singing and variety performance. The singing group, 3A Lai Tsz Ying, Chum Sum Yi, Lau Ka Yu, and 3D Choy Sze Long Jerry, our very first rapper in the game, emerged as the champions. Their performances were outstanding and left the judges and the audience in awe. Meanwhile, in the Variety Performance group, 5E Lam Kari and 5F Lee Man Ching Cass stole the show with exceptional talent and creativity, earning them the well-deserved championship title. Voted by the audience, 3C Cheung Hiu Lam, 3D Poon Tsz Yuet Chili, and Tung Hin Ching received the Most Creative and the Most Entertaining Awards for their outstanding performance. Last but not least, the Yellow House won the Fashion Design Competition with their mind-blowing work echoing the theme, 'Ghost'. Congratulations to our contestants for their hard work and dedication in making this event a huge success.

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