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It is essential for all of us to apply the principles of the School Motto to our daily life. Thus we can have our goals attained and our dreams actualized.
General Information


  • Equal emphasis on academic achievement and development of students’ potential in sports or arts
  • Advocate whole-person education and strive to nurture future all-round leaders
  • Grammar school using English as Medium of Instruction (EMI)
  • A Dormitory for selected students to broaden exposure and enrich experiences
  • Strong bonds with and mutual support from parents
  • Full autonomy (100% discretion) in F.1 student intake


  • Above-standard facilities and resources as supported by the Jockey Club funding
  • Strong expert team of experienced and dedicated staff
  • Aided secondary school with minimal affordable fees
  • Easily accessible with convenient location next to Fo Tan MTR station
  • Recruit students over entire territory with no restriction on districts
  • Not taking up the two quotas of discretionary application of each student

Eligible Applicants

  • Good conduct
  • Good academic performance
  • Strong interests and good potentials in sports/visual arts
  • Ready for taking up challenges
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