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Special Announcement (Class Suspension on 1 September) 特別通告 停課安排(2023年9月1日)

As announced by the government, all classes will be suspended on 1 September (Friday) due to the Tropical Cyclone Warning. Please pay attention to the following: 
1)    The Opening Ceremony will be postponed to 4 September (Monday) and school will finish at 12 noon. 
2)    Normal lessons will start on 5 September (Tuesday). Tuesday timetable will be adopted.
3)    School Sports Team Selection will be postponed to 9 September (Saturday).
4)    As informed by the lunchbox provider Vitaland, the meal selected for 5 September will be replaced by that for 4 September. The money paid for the meal for 4 September will be deducted from the meal purchase for October. 

1. 原訂於9月1日上午舉辦的開學禮將延期至9月4日(一),當日放學時間為中午12:00。
2.  9月5日(二)為正式上課日,並按星期二的時間表上課。
3. 原訂於9月2日(六)舉行的校隊選拔,延期至9月9日(六)舉行。
4. 另獲飯堂承辦商維他天地公司通知,因為已備食材,中一、二級9月5日(二)之午膳供應會依據9月4日(一)的餐單作安排;而原本9月5日(二)的餐單則取消,9月6日(三)及其餘日子將按原定安排。而取消餐單的金額將於10月份訂餐費用中扣除。

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