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Shoreline Cleaning Day Activity

Members of the Athletics Team and Ti-I Service Team joined the Shoreline Cleaning Day on 26th November, 2022 organized by the school and our alumna Yu Hiu Tung Hidy, an advocate of marine life preservation. Our Ti-ians participated actively in the activities and gained invaluable experience on that day.
Participant list:
3A 25 ZHAO Sze Lok
3B 25 ZHENG Kell
3D 11 LIANG Ka Hei
4B 24 WONG Yin Pan
5B 20 ZHUANG Lam
5C 7 JIANG Tony
5D 9 LIU Chuk
1E 23 SING Sin Ying
2A 4 CHU Ho Ching
2A 16 NG Cheuk Him Matthew
2D 22 WONG Hei Sen
2B 20 SHUM Tin Lok
2C 12 HUI Hiu Fung
1A 5 CHAU Hiu Ching
1A 9 CHEUNG Tsz Ying
5B 14 MAN Hoi Ying
5D 22 WONG Hillary


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