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It is essential for all of us to apply the principles of the School Motto to our daily life. Thus we can have our goals attained and our dreams actualized.
Special Announcement on 11 Nov 2019

Special Announcement on 11 Nov 2019

In view of the potential complications of the traffic conditions, all after-school activities or lessons, including period 10 lessons and detention class, will be cancelled today. Students should leave the school by 4 p.m. and are advised to go home immediately.

Jockey Club Ti-I College

特別通告 (11/11/2019)

因應預計交通可能出現嚴重擠塞及混亂,今天三時半放學後所有課堂(包括第十堂及留堂班)、活動及訓練等將會取消, 學生應於4時前離開學校, 並盡快回家。


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