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Special Announcement (Class Suspension on 14-15 Nov 2019)

Special Announcement (Class Suspension on 14-15 Nov 2019)

        Due to the sustained adverse and unstable social conditions, classes will continue to be suspended on 14-15 Nov 2019. All scheduled school activities over the weekend will also be cancelled.

        During the class suspension period, subject teachers may deliver learning materials or assignments via email or other platforms. Students are advised to maintain good time management habit for continuing their studies and completing assignments in times when school activities are interrupted. Parents are kindly asked to supervise and encourage their children to sustain their self-study at home.

        With students’ safety as our top priority, parents are once again strongly advised to remind their children to stay away from any danger or unlawful situations and be always vigilant about their personal safety. Parents shall also maintain caring communication with their children, pay attention to their emotional needs and offer appropriate guidance and support.

        The school will continue to monitor the situation and we appeal to your understanding of all special arrangements in such difficult moments. Students and parents should also be aware of any further announcements from the school via school web or email.

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特別通告 (20191114 - 15日停課)






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