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Special Announcement About Early Commencement of Summer Vacation

Dear Parents and Students,

With the announcement of EDB for early commencement of the summer vacation, please note the following arrangements:

  1. All extra-curricular activities during summer vacation, including the Interview Workshop for F.5 Students and school team training will be cancelled.
  2. The Closing Ceremony will be cancelled.  Relevant materials will be delivered online.  Students need not come back to school.
  3. e-copies of the Second Term Report Cards will be sent to parents and students through email by 15/7.  Hard copies will be provided when classes resume.
  4. In the period 15/7 – 17/7, Form Teachers may contact by phone the parents of students with Concession Pass status.  The parents of those students who are ineligible for promotion may be required to meet the teachers in person.
  5. Face-to-face lessons for Summer Academic Enhancement Program 1 (SAEP 1) will be cancelled.  All related assignments will be released and collected online through Google Classrooms according to the scheduled timeline.
  6. All Summer Academic Enhancement Program 2 (SAEP 2) lessons will be conducted online according to the scheduled time-table.
  7. Students should not come back to school for activities during the vacation.

Please pay attention to further announcements. 




由於教育局宣佈暑假提前開始,學校有以下安排,敬請留意 :

(1)     取消暑假期間所有課外活動,包括中五級面試技巧工作坊和校隊訓練。

(2)     取消結業禮。相關材料將在網上發送。 學生不需要回校。

(3)     下學期成績表的電子副本將於15/7或以前通過電子郵件發送給家長和學生。正本將於復課時補發。

(4)     於15/7 至17/7期間,班主任將通過電話聯繫特許升級的學生家長。那些成績不逮,不具備升班資格的學生父母可能需要親自與相關老師會面。

(5)     取消暑期學業增潤計劃 1 (SAEP 1) 的課堂。 所有相關作業將依預定的時間通過 Google Classroom在線發佈和收集。

           (6)     所有暑期學業增潤計劃2 (SAEP 2) 課程將按預定時間表在線進行。

(7)     暑假期間學生不應回到學校參與或進行活動。





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