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Special Announcement to New F.1 Students & Parents (August 6, 2020)

Dear new F.1 students and parents,

Everyone in the Ti-I community has been longing to meet you at our previously scheduled programs in late August. Unfortunately, the plan is affected by the recent Education Bureau’s announcement to temporarily suspend face-to-face classes.  Nevertheless, our welcome for you joining our Ti-I family will remain as warm and as anticipating, if not even more.

In response to the current situation, we have the following special arrangements:

1.    The scheduled F.1 Summer Bridging Program (17-21 Aug) will be cancelled. Students need not come back to school.

2.    The F.1 Orientation (22 Aug) will be postponed with details to be announced in due course.

3.    Textbooks and school uniform will be available from the suppliers on 22 Aug (Sat). Please come back to the school canteen at a specific time slot for collection. The suppliers will send SMS to individual parents about the assigned time slot. Kindly stick to the time slot and observe social distancing.

4.    An important information pack will also be distributed on 22 Aug (Sat). It contains specific messages about all changes and updated arrangements of forthcoming school events in the new school year. Please make sure you receive it before you leave.

5.    Please take all necessary precautionary measures and note that everyone entering the school premises will be scanned by the infra-red imaging camera for fever. Those with fever will not be admitted.

6.    Be reminded to pay close attention to further notifications or announcements by Education Bureau and the school.

We thank you for your kind understanding of all special arrangements made with short notices. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Jockey Club Ti-I College




1)  取消原訂於8月17至21日舉行之中一暑期銜接課程,學生不需回校。

2)  原訂於8月22日(星期六)舉行之中一迎新日將延期,詳情容後公佈。

3)  教科書及校服供應商將於8月22日(星期六)到校,請在指定時段到學校飯堂領取教科書和校服。相關供應商將直接透過短訊發送指定領取時段給您,請依時到校,並注意保持社交距離。

4)  學校將於8月22日(星期六)當天派發信息包 (Information Pack) ,當中包含新學年學校活動的更新資料和安排。請確保您當天離開學校前取得這信息包。

5)  請採取一切有關新冠肺炎的必要預防措施。凡進入學校的每位人士都將通過紅外熱像儀掃描以檢查體溫。所有體溫過高人士將不可進入校園。

6)  請密切留意教育局及學校的進一步通知或公告。




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