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Special Announcement – Online Lesson Arrangement (27 August 2020)

27 August 2020

Special Announcement – Online Lesson Arrangement


Dear parents and students,


Following the instructions from the Education Bureau, all face-to-face lessons and school activities have to be suspended for the time being due to Covid-19. In light of this, we will kick off the new school year with an online Opening Ceremony followed by a meeting session with the Form Teacher(s) through Zoom on 1 September 2020. The exact details including the meeting ID and password will be sent to parents and students through email on 28 August.


Starting from 2 September, all students have to attend online lessons from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon, Monday to Friday, until further notice or face-to-face lessons resume. If face-to-face lessons only resume for form(s) other than yours, morning online lessons will be switched to the afternoon. Form Teacher(s) will explain the details to students on 1 September. The corresponding timetables and Zoom session information will also be released by the Form Teacher(s) on that day.


In this extraordinary time, some school events have to be conducted by a different mode. Details will be announced through email and the school webpage in due course. Please stay tuned for the updates. Thank you very much for your kind attention. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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按照教育局的指示,因應香港新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情最新發展,所有面授課堂和學校活動必須暫停。有鑒於此,我們將於2020年9月1日通過Zoom,以在線形式舉行開學禮並開始新學年。開學禮後,班主任會繼績通過 Zoom 形式和同學會面及處理必要的班務。相關的會議資訊和密碼將於8月28日,透過電子郵件通知家長及同學。


從 9 月 2 日開始,所有學生必須在週一至週五上午8:30至中午12:00參加在線課堂,直至另行通告或恢復面授課堂為止。如僅其他級別而不是你的級別恢復面授課堂,則你的在線上午課堂將全部改為下午進行。班主任將於9月1日向各同學解釋詳情,並發放相關的時間表和Zoom會議資訊。










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