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EEB X Ocean Park education programme

Hello! We are the Green Club!
Not too long ago, we went to Ocean Park for an educational program.

Our first stop was a talk about Hong Kong's coral and their characteristics. We have also learned more about marine life in Hong Kong, including the issue of stranded animals. After that, we had the opportunity to touch the coral! They were so fascinating with both soft and hard textures!
Next, we visited the Coral Research Laboratory in which we used microscopes to observe coral and plastics. We discovered that the resemblance between them can lead to accidental ingestion by marine animals.
Finally, we went to the dissection room where we could smell a distinct odor. This room was used to dissect stranded marine animals and study their causes of death. It was a fascinating experience!

We've learned a lot from this activity, and it was the first major event for our Green Club. We look forward to organizing more interesting activities in the future. Come and join us!

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