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Prefect Team Wild Camping

A 2 Days 1 Night Prefect Team Wild Camping was held in February. 26 Prefects participated in different team-building and leadership training activities, like a wild camping preparation course, wilderness cooking, and a high-ground rope course. On Day 1, they learned how to set up a tent, pack their large backpack, discuss their group meals, buy the ingredients, and plan the transportation before they set off to the campsite. After setting up the tents at the campsite, they started cooking their dinner with limited tools and sources. They built up their team spirit, communication skills, and problem-solving skills through those experiences. On Day 2, they joined a high-ground rope course, they faced the biggest challenge, their own fear, in this activity. With teammates' encouragement and support, all of them achieved success . After the wild camping, they not only gained valuable friendships but also enhanced self-confidence to face challenges in the future.











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