Voices from Ti-I College

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Jockey Club Ti-I College

Admission for F.1 (2019-2020)

General Information


  • Equal emphasis on academic achievement and development of students’ potential in sports or arts
  • Advocate whole-person education and strive to nurture future all-round leaders
  • Grammar school using English as Medium of Instruction (EMI)
  • A Dormitory for selected students to broaden exposure and enrich experiences
  • Strong bonds with and mutual support from parents
  • Full autonomy (100% discretion) in F.1 student intake


  • Above-standard facilities and resources as supported by the Jockey Club funding
  • Strong expert team of experienced and dedicated staff
  • Aided secondary school with minimal affordable fees
  • Easily accessible with convenient location next to Fo Tan MTR station
  • Recruit students over entire territory with no restriction on districts
  • Not taking up the two quotas of discretionary application of each student

Eligible Applicants

  • Good conduct
  • Good academic performance
  • Strong interests and good potentials in sports/visual arts
  • Ready for taking up challenges



January 2019 (Accepting Applications) 

Starting from 1 December 2018, application forms are available from the following:

  • our school office
  • our school website
  • EDB Regional Education Service Centres
  • your current primary school

Completed application form and an application fee of $50 in a crossed cheque payable to “The Incorporated Management Committee of Jockey Club Ti-I College” should be submitted to our school in person or reach our school by mail during the period of 3-21 January 2019.

March to April 2019 (Aptitude Test and Interviews)

Students' academic performance in primary schools, conduct and potentials in sports or visual arts will be assessed. Suitable applicants will be invited to attend an Aptitude Test and Interviews.

(i)   Aptitude Test and 1st Interview : 23 March 2019

(ii)  2nd Interview : 28 March – 12 April 2019
        (for shortlisted applicants from the 1st interview only)

July 2019 (Admission Result Announcement)

Application results will be announced by the Education Bureau on 9 July 2019.

Unsuccessful applicants will be allocated places in other secondary schools through the standard procedures of SSPA.


Important Notice to Applicants

Q.1 How do I know if I have submitted all the documents?

Refer to the box ‘Missing Document(s)’ on your receipt for the application and make sure that the documents in the box are submitted on or before February 2019. Please send the documents to school either in person, by fax or mail with the name of the applicant and the application number printed. Please note that applications with any missing documents will NOT be considered.

Checklist for documents to be submitted with the Application Form:

  • Copies of all available Primary Five and Six report cards.
  • A copy of the ‘Primary Six Student Record Form’ issued by the EDB.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $50 in a crossed cheque payable to ‘The Incorporated Management Committee of Jockey Club Ti-I College’. The name of the applicant should be written on the back of the cheque. Cash will only be accepted for applications submitted in person.
  • Copies of supporting documents (if any).


Q.2 How do I find out whether I am invited to the Aptitude Test and the First Round Interview?

The Aptitude Test and the first round interview will be held on 23rd March 2019. The event will last for the whole morning or afternoon.

The school will send a letter to applicants who are selected to the Aptitude Test and the first round interview by mail around 7th March 2019. Online checking is also available after 9:00 am around 7th March 2019. Refer to the receipt for the application for login ID and password.


Q3. Will there be Second Round interview?

After the first round interview, some applicants will be shortlisted for the second round interview on 28th March to 12th April 2019. They will be informed by phone.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to JCTIC, the unique and prestigious school in Hong Kong!

While our name Jockey Club Ti-I College (賽馬會體藝中學) proudly highlights our unique mission of promoting the development of sports and arts, we are no less renowned as an English medium grammar school which provides quality education to Band 1 students who are highly motivated to strive for academic excellence as well as strongly dedicated to push themselves in all-round whole-person development. As the only aided EMI secondary school with 100% discretion to recruit students on a territory-wide basis, we attract families all over Hong Kong which share our clear and sound mission to develop their children to be future leaders with excellent achievement in both academics and sports/arts. Our successes since the establishment in 1989 are best demonstrated by our alumni who shine in various sectors of our society on top of the sports/arts fields.

With grateful thanks to the endowment fund provided by the Jockey Club, we are privileged to provide the best resources (facilities, professional manpower, etc.) and educational opportunities (programmes, activities, learning experiences, etc.) for our students to flourish. Consistent with the nature of an aided school, our fees are kept affordable to support Hong Kong families who seek to give their children the best chance of quality all-round education. We even provide a dormitory that allows selected students to ‘live-in’ during the school term, to get fully immersed in the vibrant learning social circles for comprehensive exposure and experiences that are all-the-more treasurable and beneficial to the whole-person development of the children.

We believe that education is a partnership between school and families and that it is a life-long commitment. Our mission to enlighten student’s intellectual mind, build student’s desirable character and shape student’s positive attitude are all brought to practice by the strong expert team of teaching staff under the visionary leadership of the dedicated and experienced senior management. Our website www.tic.edu.hk provides comprehensive information about our College, the quality education we provide and the glory of our achievements, all of which are promised to impress everyone.

Our students grow and glow, the school rises and shines!

Vincent Cheng


Principal Interview on Croucher: Science Education: Inspiring Scholars of the future (25th January, 2017)

《信報》「校長系列」: 體藝中學9A校長 非典型狀元路 (2016年10月3日)