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Spelling Bees (Junior Forms)

Displaying impressive phonemic awareness, junior form students competed to spell a wide selection of words with different levels of difficulty.

Congratulations to the following Top Spellers in each form!
Fantastic performance!

Champion: 1C CHAN Cho Kwan, Dara
1st Runner-up: 1E WONG Tin Ching, Tess
2nd Runner-up: 1D DAI Hecong Max

Champion: 2D CHOI Yuet Ching, Eugenia
1st Runner-up: 2D WONG Ching Yin, Kaylie
2nd Runner-up: 2E CHEUNG Ho Yan Hazel

Champion: 3B TSANG Tsz Kiu, Erin
1st Runner-up: 3E CHAN Tin Wing, Skywing
2nd Runner-up: 3E AARON-Smith Eunice Onyiyechi


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